Althium Guillermo Massot


Althium is a Netherlands-based start-up consultancy operating in the infrastructure and supply chain industries. Our service portfolio covers M&A, business planning, operations consulting and supply chain tech advisory.

Our management has previously held senior advisory and management roles in M&A, operations and product management at leading multinational organisations such as Maersk, TiL (MSC Group), DP World, European Commission and Arup.

We strive to be among the best-in-class and best recognised consulting and advisory professionals in the market, blending our in-house management consulting capabilities with those in our established network of successful consultancies, start-ups and tech ventures

Mission: Althium was founded with the mission to deliver high-value, professional services to our clients. Althium differentiates itself from other boutique or big-4 consultancies in the space of infrastructure and supply chain in that is a one-stop-shop specialist consultancy combining deep industrial and advisory experience and a successful bid winning and deal closing record.

Vision: The transportation and supply chain industries saw considerable growth during the past decade and have demonstrated significant resilience to weather both cyclical recessions and “black-swan” type events, like Covid-19, which has accelerated the pace of adoption of new digital technologies.

Althium believes that these industries have a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of global innovation and sustainability and we strive to be recognised by them as a key provider of consultancy services.

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